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Why your business needs a blog, as part of its content marketing strategy

Why your business needs a blog, as part of its content marketing strategy

A blog is a crucial part of your business’s content marketing strategy and overall business success. As we discussed last week, content marketing is a crucial part of your overall marketing strategy and, used well, it can help turn new visitors and connections into potential clients, further down the line (if you haven’t yet read that article, you’ll find it here).

But why specifically a blog? Here’s why a blog is so crucial to your business success.

#1: It’s not about how many clients or sales it can get you – it’s about being visible to them

Your blog is an essential part of your overall content marketing strategy. It gives you a means to provide real value to your target audience. It’s the start of a new relationship with new contacts, so it’s all about being visible to them and introducing what you can do. In short, a blog is about them – not you.

#2: A blog raises your profile online

If your blog offers value to your target audience, it’s going to be searched out, read, shared and interacted with. This helps raise the visibility of your company online, ensuring your products, services, expertise and overall business branding, are introduced and shown to a wider audience.

#3: Showcases your expertise

People don’t tend to care who you are, they want to know what you can do for them. What can you solve? How can you help them and what can they achieve as a result? A blog gives you the chance to showcase your expertise, by focusing on the benefits of what you offer.

#4: Talks to your ideal audience

A blog gives you a platform to talk to your ideal audience, in a voice and style that resonates with them. It isn’t about getting technical and showcasing your credentials, it’s about speaking to them as they’d speak to a friend. If your blog speaks in this way, it’ll impact on them and attract them to find out more.

#5: Offers value

One thing a blog must do, is offer value. This is where you give away content that can be followed, to help solve an immediate problem your ideal audience has. Valuable advice constitutes tips, how to’s, advice and information that will be of benefit to your audience.

#6: It’s the first step in building a relationship based on ‘know, like, trust’

Your blog is the first step in a new relationship. For many, it may be the first time they’ve come across your company and what you do. They don’t yet know if they like you or trust you, and they certainly don’t know if you know what you’re talking about – it’s the job of your blog to start paving the way for them to realise you’re someone worth following and listening to and, ultimately, someone to trust.

#7: A blog encourages your ideal audience to take the next step

At this early stage, a hard sell is likely to turn your ideal audience away. It’s like asking someone to marry you on your first date, when your first move should be asking for a second date! If written well, a blog will encourage them to want to spend time with you, to like you and to find out more about you. Your blog will therefore encourage them to connect with you on social media, comment on your blogs or sign up for your free offerings, so that relationship progresses forward.

So, over to you! Do you have a blog already and, if so, are you committing to posting on there regularly? Maybe you’re not yet blogging on your business website, but today’s article helped you reacquaint yourself to the benefits of having one? If today’s article was of benefit to you, why not share your thoughts and a-ha moments, in the comments box below!

Posted By Lehrmann London
Dec 15, 2017