Why your business needs a blog, as part of its content marketing strategy

August 12, 2021
August 12, 2021 Tine Lehrmann

A blog is a crucial part of your business’s content marketing strategy and overall business success. As we discussed last week, content marketing is a crucial part of your overall marketing strategy and, used well, it can help turn new visitors and connections into potential clients, further down the line (if you haven’t yet read that article, you’ll find it here).

"But why specifically a blog? Here’s why a blog is so crucial to your business success."

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Content marketing attracts your ideal audience to you

If you’re talking to your ideal target audience, they’re going to listen to what you have to say. This is how content marketing attracts your ideal audience – it speaks to them, about the problems and issues they’re having, in a way that resonates with them.

Content marketing keeps you visible

If you want to stay relevant to your ideal audience, you need to produce content that keeps you visible to them. This means posting content of value to your audience on a consistent basis.

Content marketing raises awareness

Your ideal audience may not know there’s a solution to the problem they’re currently facing – it’s your job to educate them. If they are already aware, they may not know where and how to find that solution and, again, it’s down to you to raise awareness to the potential solutions.

Content marketing spreads your reach and influence

If you create content that is both valuable and easy to understand, it’s going to get shared – that’s why infographics, videos, podcasts and blog posts are so popular. The more people share your content, the more influence and reach you’ll have as a result.

Content marketing encourages a profitable action

It’s important to realise, content marketing isn’t about making sales, it’s about providing the building blocks for a new relationship, BEFORE the sale takes place. Your advertising and marketing are what drive the sales, content marketing leads onto these things. The profitable actions of content marketing would therefore be getting someone to follow, like, interact and read more about you and your products or services.

Content marketing is about value

When it’s done right, content marketing can have a huge return on the initial investment of money and time put into it. Once created, that content can continue attracting and informing your target audience – but this only happens, if the content produced is valuable to them. This is the secret to good content marketing. Value. Your ideal audience WANT to find this information. They WANT answers, help and advice on the subject matter and they WANT a solution.

If it’s created in the right way, content marketing will not only keep working for you, long after it’s been released, it’ll also support your other marketing efforts, such as SEO, social media and brand awareness. So really, the question isn’t WHY does my business need content marketing – it should be HOW can my business create more of it?

So, over to you! Do you have a blog already and, if so, are you committing to posting on there regularly? Maybe you’re not yet blogging on your business website, but today’s article helped you reacquaint yourself to the benefits of having one? If today’s article was of benefit to you, why not share your thoughts and a-ha moments, in the comments box below!


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