Online Branding: Why Your Brand Is More Important Than Ever

July 14, 2022
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July 14, 2022 Tine Lehrmann

If you talk to any marketer, you will get an endless amount of thoughts on online branding – and how it is the most significant thing that you can do for your company.

"In times when the online marketing world is getting more and more advanced, standing out from the crowd and allowing your customers to identify your brand from the others is what is most important."

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The Halo Effect

One of the greatest phenomenon’s and psychological concepts of online branding is ‘The Halo Effect’. In it, the observer will have an overall impression that is based entirely on the character of properties of the thing that they are observing.

Basically, the halo effect focuses on the tendency for an impression created in one area – to influence opinion in another area.

In other words, online branding is important because it is easily identified by anyone that interacts with it. If the interaction is repeated afterwards, the impression will last. However, this effect can also be hazardous if it goes against you.

This is why you need to make sure that your branding, website and entire company image are consistent. Moreover, they should sit positively with your audience. As this is science, there are also colours, fonts and combinations that work best in each industry.

The Consistency Of Online Branding

Aside from being appealing to your customers, your online branding needs to be consistent across all platforms. By maintaining the same branding across all of your channels, resources and platforms (both offline and online) – your customers will be able to recognize you much faster and will hopefully start showing loyalty to your brand.

The best result is an attractive design that lets you fully reap the benefits. The more visually appealing it is – the more attention your brand will get from the people interacting with it.

Showing Quality

Another great advantage of online branding is quality. For example – have you ever noticed that when shopping, you automatically pick out the certain items while glazing over others?

This is mostly due to familiarity and a result of the packaging or branding quality. By carefully taking your time to ensure that your branding is on-point, you can increase your chances that they will stop and take notice of your products.

Even though there is no direct science behind the idea of solid online branding (or the price you need to pay for it), you should take the time to carefully plan everything from your typography to your colour scheme and layouts. This is how you ensure that your brand’s “Halo Effect” is a good one.

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