How to get on the front page of Google

April 7, 2022
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April 7, 2022 Tine Lehrmann

When it comes to search engine placings, Google is king. For many business owners, it’s their dream to get on the front page of Google. Not only will it bring you a consistent influx of new visitors, it will also help raise your profile and increase your reach.

"So, how can you get on that front page of Google? Here’s an overview of what you need to start doing, if that front page is your latest business goal."

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Stop playing with the big boys

It’s easy to want that front page slot but if you’re not smart with your keyword choices, it’s not going to happen. Why? The top popular keywords are already being used by the large companies in your industry. This doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen – but it does mean it’s going to take time and an available financial budget, to build that SEO strategy up.

Go long – not short

Whilst you’re waiting for that SEO strategy to build momentum, why not start focusing on the long-tail keywords in your industry? It’s a smart strategy and will start getting you Google front page results faster. Another option is to go for keywords that have less competition but are still relevant. Again, you’ll get front page results faster, whilst also building on your overall SEO strategy.

Give yourself time to get on that front page of Google

A good SEO strategy will give you both long and short-term solutions. Getting on that front page of Google isn’t going to happen overnight, but you can get fast results on those long-tail and/or less competition keywords. However, you need to put in consistent effort and have a smart plan in place, to make this happen – and that all takes time.

Get your website optimised

Google and other search engines want to share relevant search results with their audience. If your website isn’t optimised, has no content of value and isn’t relevant for the keywords you’re optimising it for – it isn’t going to get on that front page. So, start optimising your website, before you implement your strategy to get onto that front page of Google.

Put in the work

When it comes to getting on the front page of any search engine, nothing beats having a sound strategy and putting in the hard work to make it happen. There are always things you can do to improve your SEO, things that involve only an investment of time. These include creating and posting targeted videos, having regular and consistent content of value on your own website and building a strong backbone of authority links back to your site. Guest blogging is another great way to raise your profile, increase your leads and build quality SEO links back to your site.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that getting to the front page of Google, or any search engine, for that matter, is only half of the equation. A sound SEO strategy will bring in new visitors to your site, but you also need the second half of that equation a solid strategy to convert that new traffic. After all, this is just as, if not more important, than getting on the front page of Google!

If you want to get on the front page of Google, but the thought of working out and implementing a great SEO strategy, leaves you feeling tired just at the thought, why not hand it over to a professional? We’ll promise to have the best interests of you and your business at heart AND we’ll implement an SEO strategy that gets you visible – so, why not give us a call on 0207 610 0045 and have a chat to see how we can help you achieve that first page of Google!

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