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eCommerce Basics: Can Your Online Shop Be Found Easily?

eCommerce Basics: Can Your Online Shop Be Found Easily?

If you have just stumbled upon the world of eCommerce, you probably relate it a lot to offline selling. The only difference is that there are tons of differences – and tons of opportunities. For example, your online eCommerce store can be populated by millions of people, although you didn’t invest millions in it. As you probably know, physical (offline) selling is not even close to that.

In other words, eCommerce stores are the new frontiers of a revolution that is more convenient and more affordable to shoppers. With so many choices, there are also many opportunities. However, not every eCommerce shop can be located easily even from the search engines – which is why you need to work on yours.

Is Your eCommerce Website Appearing On Google?

A lot of eCommerce store owners claim that the best traffic they receive comes either from Google or their social media accounts. However, not every eCommerce website is appearing on Google – and some may even be totally blacked out of the search engines.

The best way to explain why and how this happens is as poor maintenance and design of the web stores from the initial phases. Some of the biggest mistakes that easily kill thousands of eCommerce stores and their sales in just few days include:

  • lack of clear value proposition – or in short the things that are making your brand store different and unique
  • misguided product descriptions – that send wrong messages to potential buyers and make them go away instead of purchasing your products
  • failing to properly utilize quality images – quality visuals are the strongest part of every online brand
  • no visual hierarchy or lack of structure – a buyer that finds it hard to buy is a buyer that will most leave your online store
  • lack of proof – customer testimonials, notable press and nice campaigns are some of the techniques that help you sell online

Running An eCommerce Store Is Not Easy And Demands The Expert’s Attention

Even though these mistakes are critical, there are no rules carved in stone when it comes to eCommerce. A website that is poorly maintained cannot be crawled by Google and therefore cannot rank in the first place.

More frightening is the fact that your online shoppers are maybe there but cannot adapt to your store’s structure or are skeptical in buying your products. Therefore…

If you are selling your products or services online – you must ensure that they could be found in the first place. An online store that is hard to find online is one that doesn’t attract buyers or doesn’t make profits.

The list of reasons why your eCommerce website is not making any sales is endless. And just when you thought you can’t do a thing about it, let us introduce you to our free eCommerce review that outlines all the problems with your website and suggested solutions for them.

So, are you interested in getting your eCommerce website report? Contact us for a free review!

Posted By Lehrmann London
May 26, 2017