5 ways your business can offer value

December 18, 2022
Posted in Strategy
December 18, 2022 Tine Lehrmann

If you want to grow your business and clientele, you need to offer value. This is something that all business owners know. However, when it comes to deciding what to offer that’s of value to your clients and leads, that’s where most businesses get unstuck.

"Most businesses resort to offering a free report or a checklist – and yes, they may be of value – but what other ways can you incorporate value into your business?"

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Understand what your client views as valuable to them

Your clients have needs, and they also have problems. For the most part, they want to either gain or lose something, solve something, reach or have something, or start to do or stop something! If you provide something that helps alleviate those needs and problems, thereby helping them reach their ideal outcome – you’re onto a winner. And this leads us to #1 on our list…

#1: Offer something free

For many, that does involve offering them something free. Whether that’s a course, a book or a video series, this will help your clients and leads reach an outcome.

But offering value isn’t just about this.

For many clients, the overall way a business handles itself can be of value – leading us to the next way to offer value.

#2: Improve customer service

Customers are emotional, meaning they react to warmth and helpfulness – it makes them feel valued and appreciated. Whether in person, on the phone or on social media sites, always strive to improve your customer service. If someone isn’t happy, do what you can to solve their problem AND give a little more as well.

#3: Offer something extra

This is where launch bonuses are so popular – they add value. But offering something extra can also mean adding a free sample to an order, making your gift wrap extra special, sending out a handwritten card to say thank you etc. Look for different ways you can add a little extra in your sales processes.

#4: Increase convenience

People naturally want ease and simplicity, regardless of whether they’re buying online or building a network of contacts. So, make it easy for them! Can you add payment options to your larger-ticket products? How about subscription payments or easier payment gateways? Can you make suggestions for additional items that will complement their purchase? What about contacting you and/or your customer service team – can you make this easier and more convenient for them?

#5: Be better

Look for ways to always be improving your services, processes and experience, because that’s what you’re ultimately offering – an experience. It’s only by creating workable systems and workflows that you’ll ensure you’re being consistent in your practices, whilst also giving yourself something to gauge your value against. This, in turn, gives you something to test and tweak. And only then, can you monitor how much value you’re truly giving your clientele.


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